Flying High with My Fears

My Camera's View from the Eiffel Tower
My Camera’s View from the Eiffel Tower

Around this time next week I will be on a zip line adventure. I’ll be flying 60 feet in the air for 600 feet through the woods. One of the life coaches affiliated with the group asked me if I was feeling fear. I joked, “I’m okay right now. I’m guessing I’ll be nervous when I’m staring down from on high though!”

Reflecting upon her question, I’m not nervous (right now) because I know there will be plenty of safety measures in place to eliminate/reduce the danger. If only life came with harnesses, helmets, safety straps and nets. Literal ones. Wouldn’t that be hysterical if we were all walking around with safety accessories?!?!

I have many fears. One of them is heights. As I rode the elevator to the top of the Empire State building, I slid down the wall, craving the ground again. As my friends ran around looking at things, I just clung to the inner wall praying for it to be time to leave. I once visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I was in Paris. How could I NOT go up the Eiffel Tower?!?! By the time I reached the top I was crawling on my hands and knees. (Obviously, my fear of heights trumps my fear of germs.) My mom marveled at how I had taken pictures from the top in that state of mind. I said I was surprised they actually came out because I held the camera up in the air over my head on each side and blindly snapped away. –Just watching a video of people on a zip line makes my shoulders tense up. This time next week I have to climb 60 feet high, leap out into a 600 foot ride through the tree tops. I may rethink the fun factor of this endeavor as I see tall and very hard trees whooshing by my fragile body at high speed.

I’ve always been pretty good at doing things even when I am afraid of them. I could hardly order my own meal in a restaurant but decided I wanted to be a class officer in High School. Once I signed up for the race,  I learned that I had to speak in front of the ENTIRE school not just my own class. Mortified. It’s too bad we didn’t take videos as freely then because I would love to hear how I sounded. I am sure my voice was quivering like the cheeks on a skydiver. But I did it. I keep on doing it. For some reason, fear doesn’t seem to hold me back. But doing the things I fear does little to eradicate it. The next time I have to revisit the same scenario it’s still there. We’ll see if this crazy little adventure finally helps me conquer one of my fears. Stay tuned!



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