If Dogs Were Teachers


This poster was hanging in the emergency vet’s office last night. I took a picture of it because it is how so many dogs are. I know Star taught us all so very much.

We had to put our girl down last night. We had been getting cocky about how long she could live beyond the vet’s prognosis. She started seizing late last night, she could barely walk and was clearly, finally, feeling the pain of it all.

I’ve been aching all over. Inside and out. Crying off and on all day. I hadn’t expected to physically feel the impact of her death but I feel as if I have been hit by a truck.

Dogs are a part of our family not just pets in this house. She was our daughter and a sister to our boys. She was rarely ever referred to as a pet. She was our baby, our girl, our daughter, a sister. I’d say she was our equal but I do believe dogs are often our superior as the words in this picture convey. So much love. So much patience. So much perseverance. So much to teach us. And, even after death, she is still teaching me.

I took a much needed nap along with Emerson this afternoon and had a dream of her. I saw her playing with a boy who looked a lot like Silas. I couldn’t figure out why Emerson was not there or any other members of our family and why Silas was older then he really is. Then, I realized she was playing with Noah, our angel baby. She is safe and happy at home in Heaven with the rest of our family.

“Enjoy every moment of every day.”


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