Acorns and Love

Emerson's Acorn Phase
Emerson’s Acorn Phase

Love is a feeling as real as touching something. I like to soak it up when those moments hit me.

This morning I should have been worried about getting back home after the school bus picked up Silas. There are a million and one things I needed to do today. But there it was, that feeling of love.

Emerson has entered into what I like to call the “acorn phase.” He collects each and every acorn he comes across. Autumn is approaching, so that means a lot of collecting. Emerson is different than his brother was during this phase. Silas would collect them and they would find their way into the house, the basket on his bike, his pocket. Anywhere they could be stashed you would find an acorn. Emerson, however, loves to pick them up, treasure them for a bit and then find a perfect spot for the squirrels to retrieve them.

As I watched Emerson search for the perfect spot this morning, I just stood there smiling, all Pepe Le Pew, marveling at that feeling. As real as if someone were hugging me, brushing my hair or rubbing my feet after a long day. It soothes. It brings a smile to one’s face. It relaxes you just as much as a lengthy professional massage. He walked all about our front yard in search of the perfect place. He walked from one side to another and back again. I just stood there wistfully smiling away, allowing my soul the joy of loving him.

My grandfather always used to say, “the tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak tree.” Well, the love I have for my boys feels like a mighty oak already. I can only imagine what the future holds but I tend to think of the sound of acorns falling from the trees as we walk together. I hope each of our boys will grow as tall and strong as the trees. I want them to then share their love and strength as freely as the oak shares its bounty.

I very much enjoy the acorn phase. And yes, eventually, he did find the perfect spot.