I once loudly professed I would never marry or have children. I am now happily married with two boys. Although, having my boys and becoming a stay-at-home mom was a hard fought dream come true, I was having trouble adjusting to the relative isolation. Then I found a truly spectacular group of women. These women have become my umbrella moms. They protect me and shield me from the storms of life. They also share in the joys and triumphs. These friends, not all moms, tell me I am eloquent. They tell me I share my stories with “humility and grace and humor.” Of course, I don’t believe them but I’ve lived long enough to know I should listen less to my internal voice and more to those around me who love me. They have been speaking in volumes lately and then two of my friends sent me this picture from Momastery. On the same day. A day where I was questioning if the world really needed yet another blogger.


So I decided to listen to my friends, those trusty umbrella friends, and just start writing.

By the way, my name is Kerry Stephen.

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They hold the safety net that catches me when I fall. They hold umbrellas over me when the world seemingly crumbles all around us. They hold my hand and they hold my heart. They are my friends. And I love them. -Celeste McNiesh